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Why are we better than any other Travel AI?

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The invention of AI or Artificial Intelligence in the present world scenario is proving to be a boon for mankind so far. The implication of AI in almost every field around the world is happening, be it a voice modulator, a video editor, an enhanced chatbot like ChatGPT and several other AI systems are taking the world by storm.

Similarly, the insurgence of AI has also set foot in the tourism industry. With these tools, we can make our work faster, but it also helps us plan an entire itinerary with the help of the destination names we would like to visit. But there’s a catch! Although itineraries and tour planning can be carried out by these AI, it lacks the human touch. An AI will create a magnificent itinerary for us, but it would not consider the little disruptions which might occur on tour. Human tendency is all about foresight and how to avoid any mishaps like these and if any way they occur, how to avoid them.

Credits - Google

We at The Bucketlister firstly ensure that our travel experts visit any place which we offer and from the perspective of a solo traveller, a couple and a group tour, we carry out our research and keep in mind the factors which are essential for an everlasting experience of a tour. With us, we corroborate that we can allow the creation of any last-minute changes in an itinerary if our client wishes to.

Usually, when we ask ChatGPT to give us an itinerary of Hampi, its response goes like this,

● Start the day by visiting the Virupaksha Temple, one of the oldest and most important temples in Hampi.

● After exploring the temple, head to Hemakuta Hill for a panoramic view of the surrounding area and the temples on the hill.

● Continue to the Vittala Temple, known for its impressive architecture and musical pillars.

● Finish the day with a sunset boat ride along the Tungabhadra River.

Whereas what we propose to our clients is

● Today we wake up early morning & after breakfast, it's time for our walking tour to Vijay Vitthala Temple which is the main Highlight of your Hampi Trip.

● Later, leave for the most enjoyable Bicycle Tour of Hampi - Visit Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazaar, Sasivekalu Ganesha, Lakshmi Narasimha, Badavalinga, Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stable, Guard's Quarters, King's Audience Hall, Stepped Tank, Mahanavami Platform, Queens Bath, etc.

● Lunch will be served en route Sightseeing. We end our adventurous day with yet another Beautiful sunset at Hemakuta Hill.

● Back to our stay, freshen up & leave for Dinner. Let the last night of this trip be more exciting – let's play games, tell the scariest ghost stories, talk about travelling, bond a bit more & let the night have no end.”

The difference in both offerings is stark and it answers the question very delightfully. ChatGPT’s response to the prompt is as usual how an AI would respond to it, by being robotic. Considering our response, it perceives a personal touch where one is explaining the itinerary to us in person. That shows the difference between us and an AI.

Credits - Google

We make sure that the traveller, irrespective of any budget group would experience the same thrill like any opulent person would. AI’s like ChatGPT, Trip Planner AI and so on might give the perfect itinerary for a trip, but we on the other hand make it certain that we would offer you an offbeat location with some wonders that very few people know about. With that being said, we will give you an enthralling experience on which you will cherish your memories, which is why The Bucketlister is better than an AI.

- By Nishad Raut