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What Travel Means To You

The word ‘Travel’ if literally defined, is said to move from one place to another, but it varies from person to person. The process is the same, but the experience one receives from it differs from everyone else. The purpose of travelling varies as well. For me, travelling is a rather new experience, it is a curiosity to explore the cultures around the world and the mode of transport.

Photo by Josephine McKenna

Being a major in Ancient Indian Culture, I find it intriguing to visit locations of historical happenings and importance, architecture and mystery. There are many such places around the world which are highly bejeweled with art and culture. Take the example of Rome in Italy, the capital of the Holy Roman Empire known for art and architecture around the city, Vatican City and how could someone forget pizzas and kinds of pasta. Here I observe a beautiful blend of art and food together. As a result, it is inevitable to try these things and meet new people in the city. Meeting new people and being curious about where they come from and what sort of food they consume, this emotion is somewhat inexplicable, but I travel for this very emotion itself.

Photo by 'Visit Tromso' Website

Travel does not mean always visiting new places and experiencing different things, it also changes our outlook on how privileged we as an individual are and in turn, it makes us more humble towards other people. Nature is one prime element of our life and never fails to mesmerize us. Intrigued by the natural landscapes and phenomena around the world, it would be of great contentment to experience the Aurora Borealis in the skies of Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Surely, it would be great to view these memories on your devices, but the sheer experience of visiting there in person sets it apart from the virtual touch. I would travel to such locations around the world for the sole purpose of experience. What would matter to me the most is also the mode of transportation I am using, because I personally feel that if you are a traveller and you want to visit a destination as the locals would, then that experience would be worth remembering. It should not matter which mode of transport you are using. A quote that comes to my mind when I think of travel is, ‘Out there is a new world, which we’re destined to explore’. That being the case, travel to me is an experience for which I yearn for.

- By Nishad Raut