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The Bucketlister: An Experiential Backpacking Company

There are places around the world which we wish to visit once in our lifetime. Do you also tend to save those bucket-list things on Instagram & pay for a guilt trip every time you go through those saved posts? Hence, we at the Bucketlister are here on a mission to help you tick your bucket list off and create some memorable moments which can be cherished by seeing the pictures in the memory feed of Instagram, Snapchat and Google Photos.

By Sagar Thakare

The Bucketlister paved its way during an incredible life-changing moment for humanity, during COVID-19. When the entire world paused, our minds played the songs of hope, the hope to travel again. We started as an informative travel page on Instagram in 2020 posting reels, facts and information about exciting locations which we would like people to visit post-COVID. Eventually, we hosted our first trip to our first clients to the pristine beaches of Tarkarli, Maharashtra.

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After the great success of this trip, we started exploring the bracket of treks. We started organizing one-day treks across Maharashtra. The overwhelming response of the treks created a mighty base of clients who were impressed by the services we provided and in no time, our trek participants were readily signing up for our lined-up memorable experiences. In due course, we explored places to travel which offer an inexplicable experience to our clients and our operations expanded to places like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh (Spiti Valley) and Meghalaya in 2021. Itineraries by various companies already existed for these locations, but we wanted to bring a change, we wanted to introduce a newer experience by visiting unexplored and lesser-known places of these destinations.

By "Black Tomato" website

We often received FIT (free individual traveller) clients who wanted to visit some locations other than what we offered and we also catered for their needs well. During such FIT trips, we explored the mighty location of Ladakh and after some research on it, we also started to offer the memorable experience of Ladakh in 2022. We started giving enthralling experiences to our clients, and they kept coming back to us asking for our offbeat itineraries and unexplored destinations. To end the year with a bang we offered New Year trips across the above-mentioned locations and not only they found it exciting but they were left in awe. We met many clients through this and many of them joined us as strangers and ended up being close friends. Not only we offered these locations but also Hampi, Gokarna, Rajasthan and Kerala to our clients and our future endeavours are to go international, with countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Dubai.

From our archives

Many of them were travelling solo or for the first time, but our travel experts Harsh, Rakshit and Darshita made it sure that they would not regret their decision and take something back to cherish.

As we aim to provide unforgettable experiences, we also bring forth the activity of visiting the local cafes & try out the mouthwatering local cuisine of a destination and our newest addition of Thailand comes with some experiential cooking activities where we prepare our food with the locals.

Our travel experts have taken great care to ensure that our clients, whether they are in their twenties or thirties, feel comfortable and connected while travelling with us. We aim to create an environment where solo travellers can emerge out of their comfort zones and engage with like-minded individuals. As a matter of fact, we even put some calming words in our PDFs which ensure the travellers that they are venturing with us into a safe environment. It goes like this, ” We want your travel to be mindfully selective of the experiences we curate. Our approach to travel is to replace the desire to see as much as possible with the desire to experience everything as deeply as possible. Beyond experiences, we also want to create a Safe Space for you.

● A space where there are no judgements

● A space to make deeper connections

● A space which provides you with a listening ear

● A space where you can forget your worries

● A space where you can freely be YOU ”

Here is all you need to know about The Bucketlister and as an intern and a writer, I am thrilled to be part of this journey and I look forward to joining these wonderful people on their adventures.

- By Nishad Raut