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7 Reasons to Travel Post Lockdown

Are you also in the mood for some music, wine, and mountains? Just like us, are you also finding a reason to travel and release your stress of lounging within four walls? I am sure it feels like ages now.

They say the WORLD has to move on as the economy cannot sustain the freeze-out any longer and authorities of all the countries will be desperate to ramp up the economy somehow. With the way 2020 affected our lives, 2021 was supposed to be about vacations. However, a new strain of COVID-19 showed up again with curfews and restrictions all over the country.

Now that some places have begun to be accessible, traveling freely as we used to be is not possible for many months to come. But traveling, be it short or long, is ultimately better than not traveling at all.

So here are reasons why you should travel post lockdown:

  • Your body needs it

After a terrible year for all the travelers, working from home and no travel, wouldn’t it be great to check in to a wellness retreat and forget about the big, prevailing situations in the country. It will open up your mind and soul to all the new and old experiences. You can go for some ayurvedic massage or some spa to refresh your mind.

  • You will save on money

Fares to all the traveling transport will be relatively low for next few months now. To pace up and get back on track all the travel companies have cheaper travel packages even the best of hotels have affordable tariffs. So do keep an eye on the best deals and offers.

  • Less crowded:

Due to the pandemic there are no travelers from foreign countries and local places seem to be less crowded. This gives an extra advantage to all the travelers to find and explore more corners of their country. You will have all the time and ease to enjoy the scenic beauty with the best shots captured.

  • Best time to reunite with friends and family

Plan a trip with them, I am sure you must be looking forward to reconnecting and spend some time with your loved ones after a very long time. Surprise them and make them feel special.

  • Helping the travel industry rise again

Since covid-19 has drastically hit the travel industry, so travelers can help it flourish again while promoting domestic travel. Help them survive.

  • Travel to interact and make stories

It’s been a long at home, zero interaction even with a neighbor. Take a trip to know your neighbors from different cities, caste, and ethnicities. You have got the right time to interact, know their stories, experiences and share them with the world out there but also remember to maintain a safe distance.

  • Get back to New Normal:

The best way is to learn to live with the covid-19 situation but of course with all necessary measures. Step out of your comfort zone, it’s now time to get out of your couch, stop binging and start exploring the real-life stories out there.

I hope this article inspires you to begin traveling again and to help gain our local economy by contributing in small ways. Though all the accommodation places are providing safety measures but make sure to have an eye before you check-in, also do your bit to maintain social distancing.

Stop Dreaming and Start Living Your Bucketlist! - Annete White

Also, let us know which is the next place on your bucket list?

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